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Rochelle's CoolPepper Sauce was conceptualized more than 30 years ago (1985) in a Flint, Michigan kitchen as a hobby for Rochelle while currently an employee of General Motors. 


The long hours and strenuous work had taken a toll on her body. On her doctor's orders, she was advised to seek another occupation. As the years progressed, Rochelle's pain became unbearable. 


"Through the years, my pain became so unbearable, seemingly unbeatable. Everyday was a painful struggle for me."

- Rochelle D. Bradley-Gales


In 2005 she took her doctor's advice and resigned from the company. This decision compelled her to take a serious look at pursuing one of her many passion(s) … CREATING RECIPES! COOKING!


Rochelle had previously developed a passion for cooking and began experimenting in the creation of various sauces. She was adamant about making her sauces a staple ingredient in various recipes. Jalapeno sauce, BBQ sauce, toppings, dips, marinades, as well as dry seasoning rubs and all natural salad dressings to name a few. 


She allowed friends and family to sample her creations. She watched their faces to see if she would receive a smile or a frown. 


Luckily for Rochelle Denice Bradley-Gales, there were more smiles than frowns. 


"I love my family and my children are what I live for. My food enhancers will assist with healthier meals and also assist in the sustainability of our Outreach Ministry for many years to come. Project Mom & Dad, Rebuilding and Strengthening Family Structure: Reaching out to At-Risk-Youth/Children as well as reaching out to their Parents.... MY DREAM HAS BECOME MY REALITY!!!"

- Rochelle D. Bradley-Gales




NOW, more than 20 years later and FDA APPROVED since September 17, 2001-2021, ROCHELLE'S Products, LLC is still ALIVE and a LEGACY INDEED!

- johngalesjr 


     Rochelle's Cool Pepper Sauces

"To create and provide all natural gourmet sauces for food enhancement, elevation and enjoyment."

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