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We're excited to announce and introduce the ROCHELLE'S Wholesale Opportunity.

If you're interested in joining an excellent "foodie" movement, then ROCHELLE'S WHOLESALE may be your gateway to financial gain.

Let's begin, it's simple...

1) Submit a ROCHELLE'S Wholesale Candidate Application
2) Phone Interview
3) Team Review

We want to know your entrepreneurial interests and passions.

Please call and leave a brief message or text and we will keep in touch.





Personal Independent Distributor
Non-Contract ($59.95 application fee)

This non-contract distributorship is a perfect option for those that love our sauce and want to sell it on a smaller scale. The personal independent distributorship allows individuals to buy our sauce at a discounted rate and sell them at their retail price.


With this option you are able to make a small income while selling to your loved ones or even hosting a community based Rochelle's Cool Pepper Sauces neighborhood party. 

Many distributors select this option if they enjoy what our company has to offer, but don't want to make a living by selling it. Because of the discounted rate, you are able to keep the sauce for you personal use and save money all at the same time. 


You also will be informed of new and exciting changes in our company and be invited to our own Rochelle's Cool Pepper Sauces community and sponsored events.

Company Independent Distributor
Contract ($89.95 application fee)

This contracted option is for individuals that really want to make Rochelle's Cool Pepper Sauces part of an income stream and be dedicated to selling, promoting, and distributing our products in an exclusive Territory.


In this distributorship you will be able to sell to small grocery chains and convenience stores in your dedicated area. When you sign up with the company option you will be sent samples and helpful items to get your Rochelle's Cool Pepper Sauces distributorship kickstarted off right. 


This will include 2 bottles of each flavor, 1 gift box, custom brochures to your distributorship, custom starter invoices to your distributorship, a sample counter top display, and a pricing guide.


                   Partner in selling and promoting our delectable sauces.

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